Hi! I'm Christa. I'm a nutritional therapist, a massage practitioner, and I'm really ridiculously passionate about eating good food.  

Like so many holistic health practitioners, I came into this profession because I went through a lot of health challenges myself.  The western medicine system didn't offer me much, so I looked to alternative health models for answers.  And I found a lot of them! 

I developed an interest (obsession?) with holistic health when I experienced first hand the power of eating nutrient-dense whole foods. I'd like to say that I cleaned up my diet and everything was perfect after that, but anyone who has made drastic lifestyle changes knows that it is usually more complicated than that. I had waves of progress where I felt like I was unstoppable... And then I had waves of frustration where it felt like nothing was working.  I'm grateful for those frustrating times because they pushed me to dig deeper in my research so that I could learn more about the human body and try different things.  Through all of that, I have learned how to heal myself and I am passionate about helping others do the same! 

I went to school at the California College of Physical Arts where I got my massage therapy training, and then I got my certificate in Nutritional Therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Association. Now I work with all sorts of people who aren't satisfied with their current level of health to bring their bodies back into balance so that they can feel amazing again!  

interested in working together? send me a message!